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Consulting Services


Business Strategy

Electric industry transformation is being driven by customer choice, public policy and the acceleration of energy and information technology advancement. Success in this transition requires effective business models and technology strategy. Strategies have includes an assessment of emerging energy technologies, new business models and alternative regulation to enable a profitable transition. We support board level discussions and corporate planning.

technology management

Development of effective technology adoption and risk management strategies is increasingly critical for many utilities success worldwide. Newport Consulting Group brings significant experience in directly managing over $3 billion of advanced grid and customer technology deployments. This experience is applied to industry best practice decision support frameworks to advising utilities, policy makers and growth companies on technology strategy, development of management and decision processes and governance.

business plans + regulatory 

Business planning and related regulatory filings are the translation of strategy into an actionable set of initiatives and investments. Newport has extensive experience leading and supporting grid modernization business planning, business case development and regulatory testimony development across the U.S. We also provide expert witness testimony based on experience testifying to the US Congress, FERC, and state legislative committees and regulatory commissions.

program management

Grid modernization and sophisticated customer engagement solutions each require a complex mix of technologies and services to realize customer and business benefits. Newport Consulting Group brings over twenty-five years program management experience directly managing award winning multi-year T&D and smart grid programs. We also provide consulting services to support clients’ projects from business case development, project planning, vendor management, PMO development, and cross-enterprise governance.

market development

Navigating the fragmented utility industry with its complex structures to introduce new services and technologies is a daunting sales, marketing, and product development challenge. Newport Consulting Group provides multi-national and start-up technology firms consultative services to empower their market development efforts. We provided market intelligence and advised on product roadmaps, business development opportunities and executive level sales strategy.

thought leadership

Newport Consulting provides leading edge thinking in collaboration with national labs, research institutes, academia and industry thought leaders.  Several independent and collaborative reports and white papers have been identified as seminal works shaping the global discussion of the transition to a more distributed power system.  We conduct commissioned studies on key topics in the areas of distributed futures, operational models, market design, applications of grid architecture and other related topics.